Other Services

Along with Architectural and Structural design we offer a wide range of solutions for construction of buildings and infrastructure. These include services for MEP, Topographical Survey, Geotechnical Investigation and BIM (3-D and 4-D).

Infrastructure Design

Infrastructure systems involves the design, analysis and management of infrastructure that supports human activities, such as electric power, oil and gas, water and wastewater, communications, transportation and the buildings that make up urban and rural communities.

Structural Design

A good design will increase the strength and rigidity of a structure. It can reduce the building cost of the structure. The primary purpose of a good design is to withstand various loads for the period it is intended to serve its purpose and lifespan. We add MMbp Engineers are committed to create reliable and innovative structure designs for your needs.

Architectural Design

Architecture is not just about making impressive buildings on paper, but more importantly to deliver projects which are functional, safe, easy to maintain, sustainable and long lasting. We have been engaging with architecture in a holistic manner since the inception of the firm and have all allied services like Structure, Engineering, Project Management, Value Engineering and Green Building as an integral part of the organisation.